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The best Microsoft Word add-ins

Word add-ins are a powerful tool to speed up the document creation process

Microsoft Word is extremely popular in most offices around the world. It is a powerful tool and can be even more powerful if used to its full potential. Add-ins are an example of this. It allows you to easily access information on the Internet, for example you can look up items on Wikipedia without leaving Microsoft Word. It can also add more functionality and fun to your documents and projects.

Microsoft Word Add-ins Recommended for everyday productivity

We’ve selected some recommended Word add-ins based on their popularity and applicability in general.

1 – Writing assistant

Writing assistants are a good option if you write with Word every day. They help with spelling, typos and grammar. If English is not your first language, they are even more necessary and can save you some time. They are powered by artificial intelligence and will flag errors and suggestions.

The image below shows an example of a search for grammar-related add-ins. We recommend giving preference to those with good reviews. Some are free and others require an additional purchase to get advanced tools.

2 – Handy calculator

Handy Calculator can save you a few seconds because it works alongside your open Word document in a task pane. It’s useful if your activity requires a lot of math and you don’t have a calculator on your desk. Once downloaded, it will open on the right side of your document.

3 – Search for symbols

If you would like to have access to more symbols than those offered by the Word Icon Gallery, you can add the Symbol Search Add-in to your selection. Symbol Search has a categorized lineup and a handy search box to find a unique symbol. Click More and find the registered symbol, double asterisks, subscript numbers etc.

4 – Pro Word Cloud

Sometimes you want to add a visual element to your document or emphasize something that appears frequently. An easy way to do this is to add a word cloud to your text, but you don’t want a generic word cloud, you want a cloud generated by your string of words. In this scenario, Pro Word Cloud can help you.

5 – Pexels

There are a lot of options when the subject is stock illustrations and images. To access the best you have to pay a subscription. But if you’re just looking for an image to add a visual element to your document, you’ll probably be happy with the free options and Creative Commons licensed images available in Pexels.

6 – Copyleaks plagiarism checker

As the name suggests, it is an add-on to check whether the document is original or contains pieces of information that could be classified as plagiarism. The cloud-based app uses its algorithms to scan each document and ensure its integrity. Copyleaks also supports multiple languages and allows you to scan up to 10 pages per month for free.

7 – Read my document

Basically, Read My Document is a text-to-speech converter that reads your Microsoft Office documents out loud. It can be useful for document editing, proofreading, etc. You can pick up a voice and the speech rate to get started. You can also do something else with it while the app reads the document. One concern is not to use it for extremely confidential documents, as the engine can send data over the Internet.

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