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The best project management certifications

Best Project Management Certifications

You are willing to invest in your skills as a project manager. But what is the best project management certification out there and what are your other options?

Professional development is a significant investment of time, money and trust in an educational platform or system. Choosing the right certification for your career, goals and field should be of utmost importance.

Best Project Management Certifications

Below, we’ve compiled a list of the best certifications for project managers – for industry veterans with extensive experience, newcomers with a lot to learn and everything in between.


It offers the world’s best-known practice framework for IT service management and their Foundation class is the best all-round choice for PMs looking to get certified.

The Foundation course version introduces the Service Value System, a holistic lens for end-to-end PM model implementation that optimizes the value of those models to your business. Students can expect to learn about:

  • Service level management
  • Change control
  • Skills for the service desk
  • Problem management
  • Continuous improvement tactics
  • Problem treatment
  • Service request management

The course is intended for anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of IT service management. There are no prerequisites and the course is intended for IT staff and management at all experience levels.

Professional project management training

The Project Management Institute offers several high-quality certifications, including the Project Management Professional Certification.

Project managers with the PMP certification demonstrate two crucial skills:

  • A deep understanding of complex project management tactics and concepts
  • The ability to manage and lead cross-functional teams

PMP is designed for experienced PMs with project management training and minimum hours of documented project management experience. Students will explore numerous aspects of project management.

Most importantly, a PMP certification directly benefits the PM. According to the certified project managers earned 10% higher salaries than their non-certified counterparts.

For experienced PMs looking for a high-quality certification course is an excellent choice.

Certified Project Management Associate

Another offering, the Certified Associate in Project Management course, is intended as an entry-level certification for newcomers to project management. If you think you need more experience or expertise to truly thrive as a PM, then this certification route is for you.

The course provides inexperienced project managers with clear basic training and basic skills for a successful future in project management. Because it is designed with newcomers in mind, student requirements include a high school diploma and hours of field experience.

The course benefits both new PMs and the companies that hire them; students leave the course with strong fundamental knowledge that delivers immediate value to a company.

Certified Practitioner Certificate

PMI also offers a certification program for PMs interested in Agile project management methodology: the Agile Certified Practitioner certification.

This ten-part course provides thorough preparation for the exam of the same name and covers critical concepts such as:

  • The manifesto behind the Agile framework
  • Agile planning concepts
  • Agile teams
  • Interpersonal skills

The course is open to everyone, but some PM experience or PM-related professional development is recommended before registering.

The most important thing students will gain from this lesson is a full understanding of the Agile approach to software development. Agile experience is in high demand among employers and organizations are benefiting from its streamlined, adaptable approach to project management.

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