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What do you need to know about cloud-based application development?

The number of mobile apps moving to cloud computing is growing extremely quickly. Cloud technology is beneficial for businesses. It leads to a reduction in operational and IT management costs. Additionally, cloud solutions can easily scale up and down based on business needs.

Let’s see what steps you need to follow to develop a cloud-based application.

What is a cloud-based application?

A cloud-based app is a software solution that handles the processing logic and data storage between client and server sides.

Basically, every app has a client side that users interact with and a server side that processes data and makes the app work. In the case of cloud-based applications, the data is processed by a remote server. In typical mobile apps via the smartphone or computer processor.

Steps to build a cloud-based application

Cloud-based application development is quite a challenging process that is different from mobile or web development and depends on the service provider. Let’s look at the five steps for cloud development.

  1. Do market research

To attract early users, you need to conduct market research and understand your customers’ needs. This is how you build a valuable solution for the customers. Your target users need to understand why they should buy your product from others in the market.

  1. Hire a development team

To create a cloud-based application, you need to hire an experienced team.

There are three popular options for hiring software developers:

  • Freelance developers. The freelance hiring option is a good choice if you have a small project.
  • Internal team. It is the right decision if you want to control the entire development process.
  • Outsourced development team. It’s the right option if you want to build a development team as quickly as possible.
  1. Consider architecture and functions

It is better to design an advanced data architecture. Classical architecture can be monolithic compared to microservices architecture. The main advantages of microservices architecture are rapid development projects, scalability and isolation.

  1. Define the Tech Stack

Before choosing the cloud developer tools, it is better to consult business analytics. They assess your business requirements, desired features and design to choose the best tech stack for your product.

5 Test your product

Your development team should test your cloud-based app to ensure its functionalities work correctly. In this phase you ensure that it works smoothly, has no bugs and meets the user’s requirements.

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