Data science

Course Data Science, Machine Learning and AI

Our IT courses are built taking into account the jobs available on the IT market, by allowing our students to work with current data. These courses provide complete practical knowledge of the IT domain, making you think like a developer, teaching all the essential concepts in universities, including years of practical tips and working strategies. Our courses prepare our students to perform more tasks than required by companies in their job descriptions, making you highly employable. Once our students complete one of these courses, they can work on a similar resource that could become available in the future, depending on the type of course they took.

Course overview

The data science course provides a comprehensive overview of essential topics including mathematics, SQL, Python and Machine Learning. Students learn mathematical concepts such as probability, statistics and linear algebra, which are crucial in data analysis. In addition, they will develop skills in SQL, a programming language used to manage and manipulate databases, which is essential for retrieving and storing data. Students will also learn Python, a versatile programming language widely used in data science, to write code and develop analytical models. Finally, students will gain expertise in Machine Learning, a branch of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that allows systems to learn from data and improve over time, which is crucial in predictive modeling and pattern recognition. Overall, the data science course aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the fast-growing field of data science.

Suitable for

This course is suitable for

  1. Individuals interested in learning more about data analytics and machine learning.
  2. Beginners who want to gain a strong foundation in essential subjects such as math, programming and machine learning.
  3. Those with some previous experience in the field who want to improve their skills and knowledge.
  4. Students who want to develop analytical models and make data-driven decisions.

Skills you will acquire

After completing this training, students will acquire the following set of skills.

  1. Ability to use mathematical concepts
  2. Proficiency in SQL
  3. Become an expert in Python
  4. Expertise in machine learning
  5. Ability to analyze and visualize data
  6. Data cleaning and preprocessing techniques
  7. Machine learning algorithms
  8. Artificial intelligence algorithms
  9. Data ethics and data management and analysis

Machine learning projects

  1. Weather forecast (time series data)
  2. Predicting malignant or benign cancer based on data
  3. Handwritten number recognition
  4. Prediction of wine quality
  5. Marketing data analysis
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